My HCG Diet ~

So an update… I ORDERED MY DROPS!!! Yep they are offficially on their way….

I plan on doing a 45 day run… you need a little bit more than 2oz for that amount of time…. I got a 2oz bottle that came with the “HCG Weight Loss Cure” book… together it was $90… and I got an extra 1oz of drops for $45…. So total for 3oz and a book was $135 or $144 with shipping…

This is the same site that my coworker bought her drops from, and she said they deliver quick! So I know they will be here after Easter!…

My plan is to do my 2 ‘loading’ days April 9th and 10th and Start my Very Low Calorie Diet on Sunday April 11th! That way I should be done with phase 2 before my Boyfriend’s Birthday in May… and should be done with phase 3 by the 4th of July!

I have the extra HCG so that I can do a second round in July… I figure if I lose 20lbs on my first round that will be great! If I can lose the max of 35lbs I will still want to do at least another 21 days…

To buy another 2oz bottle without the book is only $75, so to complete 2 rounds should only cost $210!!!! And that is with the book to keep track of everything… A Lot of people reccommend having the book to keep you on track and refer to when you have questions about what kinds of foods can be eaten (esp in phase 3).

Wish Me Luck!!

The link below will take you to the site where I got my drops… I will keep you posted on how well they work for me! But they did work very well already for my coworker Mary!

Lose Weight Now!

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