Halls Giveaway!

Here is another great giveaway… I entered…. you should too!

From Honoring the King:

I have some great coupons I would love to share with one lucky reader. You will have the chance to win 10 coupons good for Buy One Get One Free Halls Cough Drops. These go on sale quite a bit and you may run across a sale where you can get them for FREE. It you find a sale for BOGO Halls cough drops and you use these coupons you could get up to 20 bags for FREE. These coupons expire 4/30/10 so you will have plenty of time to use them!

Go on… you know you want to win!

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Rainbow Cake Anyone?

Check out this great cake idea at The Idea Room.

I’d love to make it for on of my cousins…. Maybe Andrew… his birthday is in a few months…

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J&J Rebate

I did the J&J $10 rebate on $30 worth of products at my Rite Aid yesterday @ Lunch… Didn’t know my Rite aid wasn’t participating in the $1.00 off Aveeno, C&C and Lubriderm until after…. could have make a $5 profit, but did alright….

Transaction #1
lubriderm: 4.69
2 Planters: 5.00
theraflu: 4.99
lightbulbs: 2.00
-$2 aveeno
-$2 lubr
-$2 thera
10.02 OOP

$5.00 SRC
4GOL tickets

Transaction #2
lubriderm: 4.69
clean & Clear : 5.99
theraflu: 4.99
contac: 4.99
-$2 lubr
-$2 thera
-$2 C&C
-$2 contac
8.73 OOP

1GOL ticket

Transaction #3
lubriderm: 4.69
Scrubbing mega foam: 4.79
diet coke: 1.39
3 gatorade: 2.97
-$2 lubr
-$4 Aveeno
-$4.5 SB
6.24 OOP

5GOL tickets +2instant win


6.24 + 8.73 + 10.02= 24.99 OOP

$12.99 SCR – (My account & Andrew’s)
$10.00 J&J rebate
Total: $2.00 OOP
+12GOL Tickets

Plus I ‘sold’ 2 of the lotions to Ess for $1.05 and might sell the gatorade to my boss… we will see… Andrew LOVES gatorade and now we have some… it might not find its way out of the house 😛

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-Craft Project-

These are two projects I decided I would like to do…

From Just A Girl:

I think this would be perfect for Andrew’s Mom… It is adorable…

One of Just A Girl’s readers, Life of DSCD, made this twist on the project:

Which I think would be amazing for Andrew’s older sister, she is a teacher…

Maybe I will start this soon… Easter Gifts? People give gifts for Easter… right?

We do now… 🙂

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Entertainment “Big Coupon Book” – GiveAway

From ‘Deal’ectible Mommies:

The Entertainment “Big Coupon Book” is filled with B1G1 Free and 50% off coupons to all of our favorite restaurants and when your a family on a budget, this coupon book becomes a yearly essential to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!  Each Entertainment Book is specific to your local area and includes discounts to all of your favorite local eateries and retailers.  A new perk of the Entertainment Book is that you can now visit http://www.entertainment.com/ and continually receive new offers to online retailers and printable coupons that are not included in the book!

The Entertainment Book is filled with so much more than just discounts at your favorite restaurants.  You’ll find discounts for shopping at your favorite mass retailers like Target, Sears and Kmart.  Grocery discounts like multiple coupons good for $5 off $50 at Safeway Stores, discount movie coupons, sports events, local, online and mass retailers and hotel and travel savings!  This book gathers all the best discounts and combines them in one “Big Coupon Book”!

Please, stop by the site and check out this great giveaway. I must say that LOVE this book… Andrew and I have one but we already used all of our fave coupons… so I need another one…

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2010 Budget

This year my new year’s resolution is going to be a $600 budget challenge similar to Laurie’s challenge on her blog.

I’m not sure if I will be able to score as many amazing deals, but here is how I’m going to work mine.

I will start with $600 on an Excel spreadsheet. The following items will be deducted from my budget.

1. Groceries
2. Personal Care items (shampoo, soap, razors, toothpaste etc.)
3. Cleaning products and other household items
4. Entertainment – including dining out, liquor etc.
5. Frivolous purchases – including amazing deals I find posted on my usual blogs (aka Hip2Save)

Things that won’t come out of my budget:
1. Rent payment
2. Utilities
3. Insurance
4. Gas & Car Maintainence  – I will keep track of my spending though, since I enter everything into my Iphone already.
5. Clothing – I think I am going to use clothing as an incentive for working out/ any weight loss, so I will make sure I get good deals on everything, and keep track of my spending, but I will not be setting a clear limit.
6. Gifts – I am going to try and be as thrify as possible. Gift baskets from deals will probably be the majority of my gifts & I will not buy something over $10 without a specific person in mind.

The plan is to use giftcards and RRs as much as I can. Any money out of pocket gets deducted from the $600. Any rebates get added to it, as well as any proceeds from selling stockpile items (either from ebay or a yardsale?? Possibly?)

My goals are to spend as little as possible, help Andrew get out of debt and pay down my student loans. I would like to have an additional $5,000 in my money market account by this time next year.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Is anyone else doing anything similar for the new year?

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Target – Free Batteries & Boggle Game

Boggle = $9.99 -$5 coupon = $4.99
7 Batteries @ dollar spot – 7 $1.00 off coupons = Free Batteries

Total= $4.99 + Tax …. Paid with gift cards from my Glade deals!


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Rite Aid – Olay on my lunch hour

2 bottles of Olay body wash = $5.99ea
2 bottles of Olay body lotion =$6.49ea
10 bags of candy = 1.99 ea
2 bars of chocolate = .50ea
Total = $45.86
Minus bogo lotion -$12.98
Minus -$1 off 2 candys
Minus -$1.99 B3G1 candy
Minus -$10 in 2 5/20 & 5/25
Total = $17.90

Submit for $10 in gift of savings rebate
Submit for $12.98 in Olay rebates
Submit for $5 wyb $20 hersheys rebate

Net ‘Profit’ = $10.08 – Tax 🙂

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Walgreens – 15% off = great deals

Let’s see…. As pictured above:
8 bottles of John Freida hair care@6.99ea=55.92
2 bottles of Maalox @3.99 = 7.98
1 bottle of Maalox @ 5.79
4 boxes of GasX strips@5.79 = 23.16
Total = $92 .85
-Minus 15% discount (f&f – 12/17&12/18)
Total =78.93
-Minus $3/bottle walgreens coupon =$24
-Minus $5/2 per bottle Manu coupon =$20
-Minus $2/product GasX or Maalox =$14
Total = $20.93
Tax (on$78) =

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CVS – Surveys for Extra ECB’s

Check out this CVS Survey Site…. apparently you take a few surveys and there have been some worth as much as $15!!…

We don’t have CVS in Utah… So I can’t do it…

You’ll need your member number…

Good Luck!

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