Walgreens and Rite Aid 1.31.10

So… I was out of town for tues-fri of last week so I had to catch up on my shopping Sunday…

Rite Aid had my favorite laundry detergent – GAIN’s Apple Mango Tango – on sale for $4.99 down from $8.99… So I used one of my 3 $20 Gift of Savings certificates to stock up…. heck yes!

Might get more… i can’t decide 😦

Anyways… Everything in the picture was bought for $17.77 out of pocket… including tax!! I added all the savings, and without factoring in sale prices the total value of the mechandise was $120.67

So I paid 14.7% of the retail value… AND will be getting back $9.99 in RA Rebates… woot! That’s like paying 6.5% of retail… or just paying the TAX…

The door in the background is closed… Andrew was sleeping! What a suprise to wake up to candy!! We went out for more later last night… bought an additional:

2 joint juices
2 blink tears
5 lip glosses
2 newspapers
12 toblerones
2 reeses

And paid: $6.35 + lost $10 in RR
For: $126.51 in merchandise… or 5.02%

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Conair Clipper @ Rite Aid

Bought the Conair Clipper for Andrew yesterday…

Had his hair cut on Sunday, for like $18, and we had been thinking about just buying our own clipper already!

Pretty Awesome deal:

Clipper: $26.99
Tax: $1.89
Total: $28.88
-Minus $5.00 off $25.00 @ rite aid
-Minus $5.00 off manu from coupons.com
Total: $18.88 paid with GC
PLUS there is a $6.00 rebate on this item – November
PLUS spending $25 qualifies for a $5.00 rebate – Gift of Savings

Like Paying $7.88

Look at all the combs and stuff it comes with!!!
I saw it later last night @ Kmart… for $29.99!


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Rite Aid w/ Gift Cards

Can you believe everything in this picture cost $20+tax?!?

Rite Aid is quite possibly one of the biggest rip-offs if you do not come prepared!

I had two prescriptions filled there on my lunch break for $60 (4 months supply @15 per month – I miss my moms insurance). Rite Aid will give you $50 in GC to refill 2 prescriptions with them… It’s a one time deal supposedly but still, one of the best prescription deals out there!

So here is the break down:

Toothpaste $2.69
5 packs of gum $5.00
Nail polish $8.00
Nivea cream $0.99
St. Ives Scrub $3.89
Total $20.57
Minus $5 off $20
Minus $5 off nail polish
Minus $2 off gum
Minus $1.5 off St. Ives
Minus $1 off crest
$6.07 –> paid with GC
And the toothpaste qualifies for $2.69 rebate from Rite Aid

Like paying: $3.38


Note: All the Rite Aid coupons came from watching ads on the rite aid webpage… They could easily be combined with manufacture coupons for even better deals!

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