Skinny Pants – Day 10

Ouch… big delay in posting! I know….

Well, my grandfather who had an aneurism on Feb 4th passed away this past Saturday… so drama apleanty for me… I accepted that he was going to pass over a week or so ago, it was more of a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’ for me emotionally… don’t get me wrong, I was rooting for him to recover, but I was at peace with this going either way…

Though I am not hysterical over the loss I find that the sadness creeps into other parts of my life… something that would usually just upset me, (like having to return a bookcase to a store 20 miles from my house rather than the one 5 miles away because the CS Mgr was confused on their return policy) will bring me to tears…

Thank god for Andrew… he has been beyond amazing the last few weeks… my house has returned to its pre-Andrew-move in condition and he has helped me through all the emotional stuff…

And diet wise? Well Sunday I weighed in at -4lbs! YAY!!

Goals for the near future:
-Drink More Water
-Add salads to the daily diet

Feels good to get this off my chest… 🙂

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X-mas Wreath


After seeing this post about a X-mas wreath made from ornaments I decided I had to make my own….

What it took:

1 glue gun @ $2.99 – Michaels
3 glue sticks @ $2.99 -40% – Michaels
1 Red Ribbon @ $2.99 – Michaels
3 packs of 18 red balls each @ $12 – Walmart
3 packs of 16 red&gold balls @ $16 – Walgreens (did not pay retail for these)
1 Wire hanger @ $2.00 for 10 – Walmart
1 Wreath Holder @ $1.00 – Dollar Tree (REALLY sturdy!!)
Probably ~$40.00




Not the best deal since you can buy this wreath from Pier 1 for $60



But I had a TON of fun making it… my baby thinks I’m super creative… and I miss crafting some days… these projects help!

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Cleaning Supplies

Needed to clean the bathroom, so I decided to hit up walmart for some cleaning supplies… Also got a lot of travel size items for free, or nearly free, with coupons I wanted to make sure i used before they expired…

Total before coupons was just over $70 and after was $35… Used $20 on a gift card and paid the rest OOP

Walmart isn’t the place to go for freebies really… Yea you can score in the travel section sometimes, but it is the best store to go to if you want reasonably low prices on a lot of items you need and don’t want to spend all your time ‘chasing’ deals…

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