Walgreens – Pepsi

Went a bit crazzzzzzy with the pepsi @ Walgreens over the last 2 weeks…

We dont know where to put it all…

That’s like a tower of 14 12-packs… plus there are 3 IN the fridge and 5 at work (my boss gave me $20 for drinks)…

Over all I spent $40 of my own money and got $30 in RR…. we rolled them last night using the blink tears, lip gloss, zicam, and joint juice freebies… and I still have $20 in RR left…

Sad thing is I am thinking about getting another 7 cases ($21 with $10RR back…) Tough to Pass on…

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Walgreens and Rite Aid 1.31.10

So… I was out of town for tues-fri of last week so I had to catch up on my shopping Sunday…

Rite Aid had my favorite laundry detergent – GAIN’s Apple Mango Tango – on sale for $4.99 down from $8.99… So I used one of my 3 $20 Gift of Savings certificates to stock up…. heck yes!

Might get more… i can’t decide 😦

Anyways… Everything in the picture was bought for $17.77 out of pocket… including tax!! I added all the savings, and without factoring in sale prices the total value of the mechandise was $120.67

So I paid 14.7% of the retail value… AND will be getting back $9.99 in RA Rebates… woot! That’s like paying 6.5% of retail… or just paying the TAX…

The door in the background is closed… Andrew was sleeping! What a suprise to wake up to candy!! We went out for more later last night… bought an additional:

2 joint juices
2 blink tears
5 lip glosses
2 newspapers
12 toblerones
2 reeses

And paid: $6.35 + lost $10 in RR
For: $126.51 in merchandise… or 5.02%

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Walgreens – 15% off = great deals

Let’s see…. As pictured above:
8 bottles of John Freida hair care@6.99ea=55.92
2 bottles of Maalox @3.99 = 7.98
1 bottle of Maalox @ 5.79
4 boxes of GasX strips@5.79 = 23.16
Total = $92 .85
-Minus 15% discount (f&f – 12/17&12/18)
Total =78.93
-Minus $3/bottle walgreens coupon =$24
-Minus $5/2 per bottle Manu coupon =$20
-Minus $2/product GasX or Maalox =$14
Total = $20.93
Tax (on$78) =

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Walgreens – Easiest RR’s I’ve Ever Gotten

So I went to Walgreens to buy some Aussie Products… Last week 11/15-11/21 they had the entire Aussie collection on sale for $2.99 a bottle…

Doesn’t sound like the greatest deal huh?

Well I has $1 off coupons to make them $1.99 each and then I got 1 $2 RR for every bottle I bought (Did separate transactions to make sure I got all of them!)…

Which is like getting the bottles for free…

Now, I love Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle, so I would gladly pay $1.99 for them… And now I have $6 to spend at Walgreens… No clue what I am going to get!

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Walgreens @ 12:15am

Went back to Walgreens later Saturday night, or Sunday morning rather, because I am sick of missing all the good deals…

I got 7 boxes of puffs for $.89 each minus a $.25 coupon for a total of $.64 + tax per box! YAY!!!

The cough drops were $1 but were advertised to print $1 RR making them free… Since the computers hadn’t loaded all the deals the manager just gave me the 7 I had picked up for free… No OOP or tax!!!!

The Breathe Right strips were $5.99 each minus a Walgreens coupon for $3 off and I had two $1 off one coupons making them $1.99


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Walgreens Cover Girl Adventure

So I went to Walgreens to pick up some deals I had read about online… I was pretty bummed when I got there and they had sold out of everything I had wanted to buy…

I passed by the make up area and noticed about a half dozen Cover Girl foundations on clearance, $4.59 down from ~$10.

I had seven coupons for ‘buy a foundation get a face product for free’ and also had seven $2.50 off when you buy 2 CG products.

So I grabbed 7 clearance foundations and 7 blushes @$7.99 each…. After some trial and error the cashier was able to ring it all!

Ended up with 14 CG products for ~$14 + tax

Also, since it was Saturday I was able to get christmas ornaments 2 @ 5.99 buy using my $11 in RR and a $5 off $25 coupon in that weeks ad…

Had to buy gum for filler items but it was on clearance so no big deal…

OOP was roughly $16+ tax

P.s. : I hate tax!

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More RR’s

$.50 for a bottle of propel
$ Free bottle of oceanspray ($1 printed coupon and $1 target coupon)
$3.99 12 pack of bottled water not shown… Trying to cut back on soda 🙂

$3.79 x 3 bottles of lubriderm minus $6 in coupons… Need to go back with $3 off in coupons that I didn’t have with me and they didn’t have in the store!!
*** got $8 in RR

$20 for 4 things of theraflu minus $16 in coupons…
*** got $3 in RR which should have been $6!!

Paid with $5 in RR and had to buy a stupid pack of gum! Out of pocket was ~$11 and I got $11 back… Basically free stuff!

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My first RR qualifying trip to Walgreens AND glade holiday sale at Target

Started at Walgreens…

Got a 6oz bottle of Lubriderm for $3.79 minus a $1 off from Walgreens and $2 off from the manufacturer (online print)… $.79 final price… Nice!

2 Theraflu daytime pills… $3.24 each minus $2 off from Walgreens and $2 off from the Manu… $1.52 money maker… Woot!!

Benydryl on clearance for $4.74 minus the Manu coupon for $1 off…

3 Almay products for $22.97 with $8 off from walgreens and a $5.00 register reward (RR) for my next trip…

Total at Walgreens was $20.22 and my reciept says I saved 31.25 plus I got the $5 RR and a $10 off $25 at fashion bug…

Then I went to Walmart… Took the benydryl and 2 almay products back and they put $22.03 on my gift card… Not my intention to make money like that, but…. It happened…

Then to Target to deal with an uber monster of a cashier… She was pissy because I had so many coupons but I made her suck it up…

I did another Degree deal… So the deodorant and body spray combo was $.58+tax

5 glade candle holders @2.50 each minus $2 each in Manu coupons… $2.50 plus a $5 gift card for free…

10 candle refills @ $2.50… I don’t think she rang the coupons right (think roughly $16 off) and 1 glade scented oil refill @ $2.50($1 off with a b1g1- any plug in warmer, so I chose the $2.99 on with a night light!!) and 4 glade candles @2.50 each ($3 off 4)… So 15 items meant $15 in gift cards…

Then I got 3 lasting impressions set-ups for $5.99 each… I had a $3 off and $2 off to stack but the cashier would not let me so I took them back promptly after I finished my purchases… $19.16 back on a gift card…

Summary: my target receipt says it charged my CC $34.04 for 27 items… I got $20 in gift cards and when I returned the 3 lasting impressions set-ups that made it $14.88 for 24 items and 39.16 on gift cards…

Out of pocket (oop): $34.04 + $20.22= $64.26

Walmart GC: +22.03
Target GC: +$39.16
RR: $5.00

Wow!!! Made roughly $2 and got everything you see in the picture below…

Think I am going to save Target money for a Wii or a toaster… And Walmart money for a set of Paula Dean cookware… YAY

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