I’m a Rockstar

So what can you buy for $10.00?

How about
2 12 packs of soda…
2 pregnancy tests…
Honey bunches w/ pecans…
3 degree deodorants…
3 body sprays…
4 glade candle tins
4 glade candle refills
Downy wrinkle release (travel size)

Loving coupons…

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Wednesday’s Shopping Adventure

Soooo I got my grocery store’s weekly Ads so of course I had to take advantage of the deals…

Dick’s grocery store is basically the biggest rip off in the state… The only thing they do right is banana nut cake… But this week they had a typo in their mailer for Ban deodorant… What they wrote was that there was a buy 1 get 1 sale and that the price of a deodorant was $.98 each… What they meant was that AFTER the B1G1 they were $.98…. But I made them hold to their advertised price of buy 1 at the $.98 price get one free and then used a $.40 off… So 2 for $.58…. Not bad… While I was there I picked up 3 Capri Sun boxes for $5.00 which is pretty much the best price you’ll find them for…

Then I headed to Smiths to pick up some of their loss leaders… Let’s see… Picked up 10 bottles of Gatorade for the boy at $.49 each… Got free playtrx gloves, tooth paste for $.25, 3 bottles of Tylenol for $1.50 each… A stouffer’s lasagna for $1.49… 4 boxes of cookies for $1.00 total… 2 bottles of All detergent for $1.99 each… So many good deals… Got out of the store with 31 items and spent $29 including tax… Also got 5 cents off at their gas station… Not sure if it’s really a good deal but I’ll check it out next time I am in the area…

Total: 36 items for $35? Not bad!!!

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Cookie Monster

Place: Target

What: 24 packages of Keebler’s chips deluxe cookies

Cost: $2.00 plus tax


Target has a sale on keebler cookies … $2.00 each with a buy two get one free special…

They also have an online coupon for $1.00 off 2 packages of chips deluxe cookies… And coupons.com has a $1.50 off 2 of any type of keebler cookies… Here is how the deal breaks down…

24 @ $2 = $48
-$16 (B2G1)
$32.00 before coupons
– $12.00 ($1 off 2)
– $18.00 ($1.50 off 2)
$2.00 + tax


Place: Smith’s (Kroger grocery store)

What: 10 packages of Keeble fudge shop cookies

Cost: $2.50 + tax


Smiths has a sale where you can buy 10 packages of cookies for the price of $1.00 each …

Used the same coupons.com $1.50 off 2, here is how the deal broke down:

10 @ $1 = $10.00
– $7.50 ( 5 @ $1.50 off)
$2.50+ tax

So Moral of the story…. 34 boxes of cookies for less than $5.00 before tax… I feel like a super hero 🙂

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