730 Things in 365 Days…

So I found this post and decided I liked the idea of de-cluttering via challenge… and funny enough, we had actually made a pretty large donation in January of things that Andrew did not need anymore as well as some of my clothes… I will have to find the donation reciept for the exact numbers and catch up later.

Last night we took a huge load of stuff over to donate which I am counting towards Feb since we had it all packed up and in the car on Sunday…. Here is what we donated:

1 – Couch Slip Cover
8 – Fitted Sheets
7 – Flat Sheets
14 – Pillow Cases
1 – Alarm Clock
5 – Tank Tops
4 – SweatShirts
7 – Jeans
1 – Laundry Sorter (too big for us!!)
1 – Cordless Phone (we use our cells)
1 – Towel
1 – Pair of Dress Pants
4 – T-shirts
1 – Mug
Total: 56 items… which works out to 2 a day by pure chance I swear!!

Plus I have a bag of roughly 10 items to consign this month (so they’ll count towards March)… and whatever is not bought by the shops will be donated so they wont be coming back into the house!


Also, I am mostly only counting non-trash items for now… it is much more tough to track the trash since you don’t get a receipt! haha!

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My Tree… Finally!!

So Saturday, as promised, Andrew took me out to get a Christmas Tree….


We woke up in Ogden to SNOW!… oh big deal, just over an inch, maybe…. We decided to have breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants -Granny Annies- in Kaysville…. on the drive down I hit wall to wall cars on the freeway after an exit or two… there were probably 6 cars in the ditch between the north and south lanes…. 1 inch people!! After what felt like forever, we made it to breakfast and were on our way to drop my car at my apartment. From my place we went to a tree lot that I saw on my way to work, but we realllllly did not like their selection.

We headed back towards my place and decided to go to Lowes for some Xmas led lights…. on our way we stopped in at another lot and found my tree!!! our tree.. hehe!

Oh, and Lowes was completely under-stocked when it came to Xmas stuff! Disappointing!

But we brought the tree home, set it up… popped The Polar Express into the DVD player and got to decorating!
This was Andrew’s first time seeing The Polar Express…

End Result:




YES… it is in my kitchen… we took a leaf out of the table… shrank it… and made room for the tree… its right by the front window and you can see the lights from the parking lot!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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X-mas Wreath


After seeing this post about a X-mas wreath made from ornaments I decided I had to make my own….

What it took:

1 glue gun @ $2.99 – Michaels
3 glue sticks @ $2.99 -40% – Michaels
1 Red Ribbon @ $2.99 – Michaels
3 packs of 18 red balls each @ $12 – Walmart
3 packs of 16 red&gold balls @ $16 – Walgreens (did not pay retail for these)
1 Wire hanger @ $2.00 for 10 – Walmart
1 Wreath Holder @ $1.00 – Dollar Tree (REALLY sturdy!!)
Probably ~$40.00




Not the best deal since you can buy this wreath from Pier 1 for $60



But I had a TON of fun making it… my baby thinks I’m super creative… and I miss crafting some days… these projects help!

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Cleaning Supplies

Needed to clean the bathroom, so I decided to hit up walmart for some cleaning supplies… Also got a lot of travel size items for free, or nearly free, with coupons I wanted to make sure i used before they expired…

Total before coupons was just over $70 and after was $35… Used $20 on a gift card and paid the rest OOP

Walmart isn’t the place to go for freebies really… Yea you can score in the travel section sometimes, but it is the best store to go to if you want reasonably low prices on a lot of items you need and don’t want to spend all your time ‘chasing’ deals…

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My Apartment — $50 off December rent

I got $50 off next months rent because I was able to get someone else to rent here in the complex… Woot!

Let’s hope I can get a few more… Nothing quite like saving money in December!!

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