730 Things in 365 Days ~ March

Soooo I am writing this from the Airport on my I-phone…. Andrew and I are going to Sacremento!!

Anyways, in March we donated:

2 – Pants
1 – Underwear (NWT)
6 – Tshirts
9 – Sweatshirts
1 – Pair of gloves
2 – Blouses
6 – Tanktops
1 – Set QUEEN size sheets
28 items

We consigned:

1 – Pair of Pants
1 – Tshirt
1 – Pink Chair
3 Items

We packed 20-30 items (picture included) to return to Andrew’s little brother… He left them in Utah last year and now they are FINALLY getting out of my house!!

(You have NO idea how pissed I was to find out that I had washed and folded my boyfriend’s brother’s underwear!!!)


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My HCG Diet ~

So an update… I ORDERED MY DROPS!!! Yep they are offficially on their way….

I plan on doing a 45 day run… you need a little bit more than 2oz for that amount of time…. I got a 2oz bottle that came with the “HCG Weight Loss Cure” book… together it was $90… and I got an extra 1oz of drops for $45…. So total for 3oz and a book was $135 or $144 with shipping…

This is the same site that my coworker bought her drops from, and she said they deliver quick! So I know they will be here after Easter!…

My plan is to do my 2 ‘loading’ days April 9th and 10th and Start my Very Low Calorie Diet on Sunday April 11th! That way I should be done with phase 2 before my Boyfriend’s Birthday in May… and should be done with phase 3 by the 4th of July!

I have the extra HCG so that I can do a second round in July… I figure if I lose 20lbs on my first round that will be great! If I can lose the max of 35lbs I will still want to do at least another 21 days…

To buy another 2oz bottle without the book is only $75, so to complete 2 rounds should only cost $210!!!! And that is with the book to keep track of everything… A Lot of people reccommend having the book to keep you on track and refer to when you have questions about what kinds of foods can be eaten (esp in phase 3).

Wish Me Luck!!

The link below will take you to the site where I got my drops… I will keep you posted on how well they work for me! But they did work very well already for my coworker Mary!

Lose Weight Now!

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HCG Diet Drops

So A Lady @ my office used this site for her HCG Diet Drops..

I am going to place my order either today or tomorrow… Will start the diet when we get back from Easter Vacay!

Lose Weight Now!

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Entertainment “Big Coupon Book” – GiveAway

From ‘Deal’ectible Mommies:

The Entertainment “Big Coupon Book” is filled with B1G1 Free and 50% off coupons to all of our favorite restaurants and when your a family on a budget, this coupon book becomes a yearly essential to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!  Each Entertainment Book is specific to your local area and includes discounts to all of your favorite local eateries and retailers.  A new perk of the Entertainment Book is that you can now visit http://www.entertainment.com/ and continually receive new offers to online retailers and printable coupons that are not included in the book!

The Entertainment Book is filled with so much more than just discounts at your favorite restaurants.  You’ll find discounts for shopping at your favorite mass retailers like Target, Sears and Kmart.  Grocery discounts like multiple coupons good for $5 off $50 at Safeway Stores, discount movie coupons, sports events, local, online and mass retailers and hotel and travel savings!  This book gathers all the best discounts and combines them in one “Big Coupon Book”!

Please, stop by the site and check out this great giveaway. I must say that LOVE this book… Andrew and I have one but we already used all of our fave coupons… so I need another one…

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Coupon Giveaway!

Stop By and check out this giveaway!!

From Texas Couponers Anonymous:

I have approximately $102 worth of coupons ready for 1 lucky winner. Included in this giveaway is:

Five – $10 off any 1 Olay Professional Pro-X Products (exp. 2/28/10) from VocalPoint
Six – $2 off any 1 Revitalift Product (exp. 3/13/10)
Four – $5 off any 1 Swiffer Sweeper Vac Starter Kit (exp. 3/31/10)
Four – Buy a Swiffer Starter Kit, Get a Refill (exp. 3/31/10)

These coupons are definitely worth a great savings at the store and you don’t want to miss out on this!

I entered and so should you!!

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Ashley’s Coupon – 22% off

Just got an E-mail with a coupon for Ashley’s Home Furniture – 22% off…

good for Dec 15th to Dec 17th


It says 1 coupon per family per day… and nothing about copies, etc.

Click on the picture to view a not-so-blurry version!


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Wii Shooter Gun & Racing Wheel FREE! +5.99 Shipping

Today only!
Expires @ Midnight!

Thanks AddictedtoSaving

This deal seems almost too good to be true. I don’t have a Wii system so I am not testing out this deal first before I post it. However, many of the blogs out there are posting about this deal so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to follow suit. The Wii Racing Wheel & Shooter Gun are free through 1 Sale a Day. All you have to do is pay for shipping which is $5.99. This deal expires at midnight tonight. Go Here to buy!

I JUST bought this…. cross the grandparents off the shopping list… yes I said the grandparents…. they have a Wii… go figure! It’s great!

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Ritz, Wheat Thins & Triscuits…. $.50 each

Dollar general is having a sale which is advertised in their mailer… Nabisco Crackers for $1.50 a box!

I purchased a packet of coupons from the coupon clippers (paid for their time!) and received 10 x $1.00 off a box of nabisco crackers coupons ….

Combined these two make for an amazing shopping trip!

4 Ritz @ $6.00
4 Wheat Thins @ $6.00
2 Triscuits @ $3.00
Total: $15.00
-Minus $10.00 in manu coupons
Total : $5.00 plus tax for 10 boxes!

Then, yesterday, I mailed off for the December/January  ‘Jingle Rebate’

So I should be getting $10.00 back in the mail…

I will basically get paid to buy crackers…. now if only they were calorie free 🙂

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Nivea @ Target & Rite Aid

I did this at target an used 6 coupons 🙂

1 x 13.7oz Nivea lotion free wyb 3 lip products
1 x Free Nivea lip product wyb lotion (peelie @ my target – manu)
1x BOGO Nivea Lip Product
3 x $1 off Nivea Lip products

The Deal Scenario Looks Like This:
1 bottle @ 7.99
3 Lip products at 2.49 (up to 3.49)
15.46 + tax
-minus 7.99 for the lotion
-minus 2.49 Free lip
-minus 2.49 BOGO
-minus 2.49 Target coupons ($3 will adjust accordingly)
FREE NIVEA!! + evil tax

This deal works good at Rite Aid too if you have a $3 off $15
Coupon Clippers have the Nivea coupons if you want to check them out…

So far I have 9 bottles of free lotion and 27 lip products
(Only 8/24 are shown)

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