Skinny Pants… Day 2

Day 2…. I know, I skipped posting on Day 1, but oh well…

Let’s see, where to start… I have been saving a ton of money with coupons lately but I have gained 35lbs since this time last year!!! 20lbs since I met my wonderful boyfriend who I love to death! How unfair for him!

To be fair to me though, last year I was at school, walking to class… Past the gym everyday, so it was easier to get in… Plus a BIG one is that I stopped taking 4 prescription drugs when I met my boyfriend… They were ‘mood altering’ drugs, and I had decided that I was ready to let my brain manage itself without pills… Presto-chango gained 20lbs!! It probably wasn’t all due to the meds but they were tested as having resulted in appetite suppression–>weight loss for the majority of patients….

Anyways… I have got to lose the weight…. Let’s say 37 pound… and the sooner the better…

At a rate of 2lbs per week… That would take 18 weeks… Or 4.5 months… Putting me darn near the first of JULY

Honestly, if someone told you that you’d be at your goal weight by July wouldn’t you sign on?

The longer I wait… The longer I stay plumpy!!!

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Walgreens – Pepsi

Went a bit crazzzzzzy with the pepsi @ Walgreens over the last 2 weeks…

We dont know where to put it all…

That’s like a tower of 14 12-packs… plus there are 3 IN the fridge and 5 at work (my boss gave me $20 for drinks)…

Over all I spent $40 of my own money and got $30 in RR…. we rolled them last night using the blink tears, lip gloss, zicam, and joint juice freebies… and I still have $20 in RR left…

Sad thing is I am thinking about getting another 7 cases ($21 with $10RR back…) Tough to Pass on…

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Walgreens and Rite Aid 1.31.10

So… I was out of town for tues-fri of last week so I had to catch up on my shopping Sunday…

Rite Aid had my favorite laundry detergent – GAIN’s Apple Mango Tango – on sale for $4.99 down from $8.99… So I used one of my 3 $20 Gift of Savings certificates to stock up…. heck yes!

Might get more… i can’t decide 😦

Anyways… Everything in the picture was bought for $17.77 out of pocket… including tax!! I added all the savings, and without factoring in sale prices the total value of the mechandise was $120.67

So I paid 14.7% of the retail value… AND will be getting back $9.99 in RA Rebates… woot! That’s like paying 6.5% of retail… or just paying the TAX…

The door in the background is closed… Andrew was sleeping! What a suprise to wake up to candy!! We went out for more later last night… bought an additional:

2 joint juices
2 blink tears
5 lip glosses
2 newspapers
12 toblerones
2 reeses

And paid: $6.35 + lost $10 in RR
For: $126.51 in merchandise… or 5.02%

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