Nivea @ Target & Rite Aid

I did this at target an used 6 coupons 🙂

1 x 13.7oz Nivea lotion free wyb 3 lip products
1 x Free Nivea lip product wyb lotion (peelie @ my target – manu)
1x BOGO Nivea Lip Product
3 x $1 off Nivea Lip products

The Deal Scenario Looks Like This:
1 bottle @ 7.99
3 Lip products at 2.49 (up to 3.49)
15.46 + tax
-minus 7.99 for the lotion
-minus 2.49 Free lip
-minus 2.49 BOGO
-minus 2.49 Target coupons ($3 will adjust accordingly)
FREE NIVEA!! + evil tax

This deal works good at Rite Aid too if you have a $3 off $15
Coupon Clippers have the Nivea coupons if you want to check them out…

So far I have 9 bottles of free lotion and 27 lip products
(Only 8/24 are shown)

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Conair Clipper @ Rite Aid

Bought the Conair Clipper for Andrew yesterday…

Had his hair cut on Sunday, for like $18, and we had been thinking about just buying our own clipper already!

Pretty Awesome deal:

Clipper: $26.99
Tax: $1.89
Total: $28.88
-Minus $5.00 off $25.00 @ rite aid
-Minus $5.00 off manu from
Total: $18.88 paid with GC
PLUS there is a $6.00 rebate on this item – November
PLUS spending $25 qualifies for a $5.00 rebate – Gift of Savings

Like Paying $7.88

Look at all the combs and stuff it comes with!!!
I saw it later last night @ Kmart… for $29.99!


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Rite Aid w/ Gift Cards

Can you believe everything in this picture cost $20+tax?!?

Rite Aid is quite possibly one of the biggest rip-offs if you do not come prepared!

I had two prescriptions filled there on my lunch break for $60 (4 months supply @15 per month – I miss my moms insurance). Rite Aid will give you $50 in GC to refill 2 prescriptions with them… It’s a one time deal supposedly but still, one of the best prescription deals out there!

So here is the break down:

Toothpaste $2.69
5 packs of gum $5.00
Nail polish $8.00
Nivea cream $0.99
St. Ives Scrub $3.89
Total $20.57
Minus $5 off $20
Minus $5 off nail polish
Minus $2 off gum
Minus $1.5 off St. Ives
Minus $1 off crest
$6.07 –> paid with GC
And the toothpaste qualifies for $2.69 rebate from Rite Aid

Like paying: $3.38


Note: All the Rite Aid coupons came from watching ads on the rite aid webpage… They could easily be combined with manufacture coupons for even better deals!

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Walgreens – Easiest RR’s I’ve Ever Gotten

So I went to Walgreens to buy some Aussie Products… Last week 11/15-11/21 they had the entire Aussie collection on sale for $2.99 a bottle…

Doesn’t sound like the greatest deal huh?

Well I has $1 off coupons to make them $1.99 each and then I got 1 $2 RR for every bottle I bought (Did separate transactions to make sure I got all of them!)…

Which is like getting the bottles for free…

Now, I love Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle, so I would gladly pay $1.99 for them… And now I have $6 to spend at Walgreens… No clue what I am going to get!

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The Body Shop Gift Bags

So I bought the limit of 2 gift bags from The Body Shop… They came today!

At $15.00 ea – 10% love your body discount, they were a steal!

Bag 1:

Spa wisdom tranquility bath milk 8.4oz
Vitamin E Night Cream .5oz
Cheek Blush .2oz
RoseFlower Blush Compact
Pomegranate Body Butter 6.7oz
Mango Body Butter Sample .3oz
Nutriganics Smoothing Serum Sample .05oz
Mango Gift Box
-Mango Shower Gel 2oz
-Coconut Shower Cream 2oz
-Mini Shower Lufa?

Bag 2:

Spa wisdom tranquility bath milk 8.4oz
Vitamin E Night Cream .5oz
Cheek Colour Compact
Shimmer Cubes
Pomegranate Body Butter 6.7oz
Mango Body Butter Sample .3oz
2 Vitamin E Moisture Cream Samples .06oz
Cranberry Gift Box
-Cranberry Shower Gel 2oz
-Cranberry Body Lotion 2oz
-Cranberry Shimmer (Bar) Soap 3.5oz

I want to order more! I’d like to get the nutmeg-vanilla body butter!!

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Cleaning Supplies

Needed to clean the bathroom, so I decided to hit up walmart for some cleaning supplies… Also got a lot of travel size items for free, or nearly free, with coupons I wanted to make sure i used before they expired…

Total before coupons was just over $70 and after was $35… Used $20 on a gift card and paid the rest OOP

Walmart isn’t the place to go for freebies really… Yea you can score in the travel section sometimes, but it is the best store to go to if you want reasonably low prices on a lot of items you need and don’t want to spend all your time ‘chasing’ deals…

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Walgreens @ 12:15am

Went back to Walgreens later Saturday night, or Sunday morning rather, because I am sick of missing all the good deals…

I got 7 boxes of puffs for $.89 each minus a $.25 coupon for a total of $.64 + tax per box! YAY!!!

The cough drops were $1 but were advertised to print $1 RR making them free… Since the computers hadn’t loaded all the deals the manager just gave me the 7 I had picked up for free… No OOP or tax!!!!

The Breathe Right strips were $5.99 each minus a Walgreens coupon for $3 off and I had two $1 off one coupons making them $1.99


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Walgreens Cover Girl Adventure

So I went to Walgreens to pick up some deals I had read about online… I was pretty bummed when I got there and they had sold out of everything I had wanted to buy…

I passed by the make up area and noticed about a half dozen Cover Girl foundations on clearance, $4.59 down from ~$10.

I had seven coupons for ‘buy a foundation get a face product for free’ and also had seven $2.50 off when you buy 2 CG products.

So I grabbed 7 clearance foundations and 7 blushes @$7.99 each…. After some trial and error the cashier was able to ring it all!

Ended up with 14 CG products for ~$14 + tax

Also, since it was Saturday I was able to get christmas ornaments 2 @ 5.99 buy using my $11 in RR and a $5 off $25 coupon in that weeks ad…

Had to buy gum for filler items but it was on clearance so no big deal…

OOP was roughly $16+ tax

P.s. : I hate tax!

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Bath and Body Works for Under $15?

4 antibacterial hand soaps @4.50 ea
5 shower gels @ 10.00 ea
Total : $68.00 + tax

Minus by 4 for $10 = -$8.00
Minus by 3 get 2 free = -$20.00
Minus $10 off $30 = -$10.00
Total : $30.00 + tax
Minus 2 FREE $10 GC to the Ogden mall

Final Total: $10+ tax

~$1.57 per bottle

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